Wednesday, May 1, 1996

Spiral of Sleep

The moon rises and waits for the sun to catch up
     Shimmering, bursting rays - kaleidoscope of colors before my eyes
Pink lemonade, tongue-cooling freak of nature
     Lightening in my fingertips - cloudy grey eyes with a sky of blue outside
White-rimmed tires of uneasy destiny
     And I piss you off again - reason still virtually unexplored
Territorial gestures amuse the fancies of others while we howl and lunge for each others' throats.

Cannot stop the conniving
     Never can halt they lying and snap-deciding
Going off half-baked ideas
     Notions of higher times - my highest realm was within myself
And enter in, I did dare to dwell
     On the kind of luxurious hell that haunts me as I seek to tell my story
And misty red-eyed is this dilated vision of mine

And so do the brambles love to intertwine
     With my absent mind - that rambles on inside me
     Go to sleep now - I pray thee slumber well.
For I will await the darkness alone - Until the black night engulfs me
     And I transform into something wholly pure, beautiful, mystical, kind and intuitive
Transformation into myself.