Monday, October 24, 1994

Multiple Personality Euphoria

I'd like to be an Artist
And then I could simply Draw
            You a Sketch of all of the Grey Areas
Of Emotion; Or I could be a Psychologist
            And Play Mind Games with you and
Always have control.  Maybe a Seductress
            With no Morals - always using Femininity to
My Advantage.  Indifference could be my Trick -
            Not Caring and Letting things just Be.
I could be Mother to you and Love you so
            Very much it Hurts - or an Actress
So Skilled that you could Never See past my
            Masque.  And the Little Girl - always so
Scared and Uncertain - Never receiving Enough
            Attention or Affection.  Perchance the Poet -
Or the Muse - Creatively Putting on paper my
            Soul and Decorating simple whims
With Eloquence.  Unfortunately - they are inseparable -
            They are all ME.


Sunday, July 3, 1994

Give Me Your Sleeve

You think I'm too dreary

            Wanting things to be just right?

Trees sigh as I walk by

            The leaves waving in reply

My eyes are full of insight

            The starlight shines so very bright

Moonrise over poppy fields

            The sun flowers in the dawn - flowers in her hair

Get so high on ideas and emotions

I think I can fly off your roof

            Will you catch me if I fall and love me when I cry?

I need you       join my soul

            Teardrops in the rain

                        in a purple sky

And grey enfolds me              Then I wonder why

            Rainy days intrigue me

Maybe the tears burn my eyes

            Mingle with the night

Blue-black river of hope

            Indecisive at the turns

and then

            rushing up the bank

Wanders aimlessly

                                    ANSWER ME

Need an answer

            for forever

Occurrences of the past

            startle my creativity

Blanket of Fear

               Please                    go away

But I got to wipe my eyes

       ON WHAT?

                              give me your sleeve.