Monday, March 28, 2011

Metamorphosis Shiver

Waiting, shaking, heart palpitating …
            Shivers crawling up the central nervous system may indicate
                        Butterflies or demons,
Even butterflies that go on to transform a second time …

Metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly being insufficient –
bright-winged messengers, unable to maintain contentment
Veer from their primary purpose as they transform into demons …

Demons known by the particular shiver they produce
            Induce retreats behind brick walls and make anxious bedfellows
                        That distort meaning,
And fail to reincarnate butterfly-soft feeling.

The shiver of the winged nymph creates a ripple yet unmatched –
Hatched deep within the passions of first meeting
Becomes fleeting with the passage of time …

And the METAMORPHOSIS of butterflies into demons.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


‘People watching’ is less fun than before;
Animals seem far less a raging bore.

People, filled with much less of God than they assume,
Their lofty images of themselves lead them to presume

That somehow they are entitled to their arrogance
In this gigantic universe that our Creator gave substance.

Were we made in His image?  Hers?
How do you know?

Were the animals just parts of nothingness then?
How can it be so?

ALL of this CREATED by years of evolution, dear,
God’s part to start the breath of life, free and clear

Further than it seems, yet always close enough for the moment, mine

Therefore, each thing that breathes that life has beauty,

Not just you, with your hope of being a graven image of the divine.

            Omniscient though?  I also hope to be, and the truth, see.

Yet I am aware of one thing
That each being
Perhaps unseeing
Hears a ring
                     Of a distant bell
                   That may foretell
                  Of grove and well
                       Woodland dell
                     & A secret spell
                                                That conjures a watery trance
                                              Two stars with the same glance
                                                              A full moonlight dance
                                                       An unforgettable romance
                                                                Avoidance and rants    
                                                                    a forsaken chance
                                      that given intention,
                            not merely sways decision,
                but operates for ultimate precision
                                     of purpose and vision,
                                      and truth the mission
                                it rests upon intervention
                                                 of the intuition                                          
 which can not be caged,
 Lest it become enraged
     Passions unassuaged
     Sentiments outraged     
       Brick walls engaged
    Motivations regauged 
            New bets waged
        The game restaged.
                                         And now, we are back to nine
                                                          The number, divine
                                                           The moment, mine
                                                                 The only prime
                                                         Needed for the time
                                                      Is the stars that shine
                                        On my body arched and supine
                                                 And thoughts clandestine
                                                     Of a superior bloodline

Penetrate my mind

Offer omniscience

Of the loftiest kind

As I escape into subconscious.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hmm ... ;-P

Searching for no one
     there you were

Each of you probing me with your eyes
     long before the consummation of the intention

You never realized that there were diamonds
     in my coal and steel stare

I saw your confusion and walked away
     left you unaware

     Until the next time you see a glare
                                   and unprepared
                                      without a care
                            have moments unfair
   And wonder how long you must bare
                                                   -  your soul - to remember
                                                                    and    reawaken    My stare.