Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Humble Ego

Is my ego so massive
     it must be contained
      molested or chained?

Tipping the scales of my heart
     for good or ill
                no matter the will
                   pretense or frill
     ignites fire

It is all fire ...
     my ego
     my heart
     my passion
     even my loyalty

You all burn
     and I watch in disbelief
                  almost complete
                      with relief
                         as sheep
     convince me that I should sleep.

But I can not ever sleep
       then I may remember a dream
                                  faces, unseen
                              want the pristine
                             develop a meme
                         make people scream
        and all for a day that turns into another night.

So perhaps, for now, I will just
     listen to the wind in the wee hours
                        feel the sunrise power
                   delight in morning showers
           find sentiments that don't sour
         climb old trees like ancient towers
       & search for your face as I cower
     huddling in the dark waiting for the flame to present itself.

Mdawn  ;-P