Monday, October 24, 1994

Multiple Personality Euphoria

I'd like to be an Artist
And then I could simply Draw
            You a Sketch of all of the Grey Areas
Of Emotion; Or I could be a Psychologist
            And Play Mind Games with you and
Always have control.  Maybe a Seductress
            With no Morals - always using Femininity to
My Advantage.  Indifference could be my Trick -
            Not Caring and Letting things just Be.
I could be Mother to you and Love you so
            Very much it Hurts - or an Actress
So Skilled that you could Never See past my
            Masque.  And the Little Girl - always so
Scared and Uncertain - Never receiving Enough
            Attention or Affection.  Perchance the Poet -
Or the Muse - Creatively Putting on paper my
            Soul and Decorating simple whims
With Eloquence.  Unfortunately - they are inseparable -
            They are all ME.