Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parental Discretion Advised

Maybe I just won't speak
     I've tried not eating
          I've tried doing Everything
                    AND Nothing.

I've tried believing that
     I was the Cause
     I was the Problem

But that's fucked up
     It's not me
     It's you ...
          You people living in mediocrity
               Satisfied with the shit you can see
          The way it is - is supposed to be -
               The way it HAS to be?

Never been a status-quo junkie
     Though a little quid pro quo is alright with me
There can be no Justice without Truth
     And the Truth you all just refuse to see
          Instead you say it's all me ...

So maybe I'll just take a vow of Silence
     Let you all live in your Ignorance
And keep my mouth shut - let's see -
     If I really want it to be easier for me ...

I suppose I would let all you fuckers be
     Drowning in your sea of blissful Ignorance
Refusing to see the Truth
     Right in front of your face ...

The problem is that the silence
     only causes more noise in my head:
          All the things you people could be
          All the potential you assholes refuse to see

And though I think it might be best
      To let you all drown in your misery
For some reason I want to save you all from
      The Truth that is coming so soon ...

So, for now, sit back on your sofas
     Watch your reality TV
Act like Nature will not make you
     Reap what you sow
The Universe is sick of your shit
     This place will come to a close -
          If you cannot open up your eyes ...

wake up - Wake up - WAKE up ... WAKE UP!