Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our Freedoms

Beautiful and sacred, shining as a beacon for all those who live in Darkness,

Our Freedoms store hope and potential, never-ending optimism, in the power of the human spirit and its conscionable nature.

Sometimes Our Freedoms are not understood, are debated at length, or are used against us.

We can counter-react with excessive violence or extreme bleeding-heart liberalism, but neither seems to bring us closer to Our Truth:

We hold Our Freedoms to be self-evident,

Created from the moment of our birth, along with the first breath that is granted to us in this World …

We stand in a common human condition, unaccountable to each other in regard to our private decisions, individual desires and regrets, and fortress of our property,

Excepting only the sacred realm of life and property, that which is undeniably ours, which we have endowed the State to protect on our behalf.

When Our Freedoms are dampened by debate, misunderstanding, or vulnerability in their design,

We must not falter, we must not cave into the desire to control everything, but we MUST shine the bright white light of Our Freedoms and Our Tolerance,

So that Others may come to lift themselves out of Their Darkness.