Wednesday, May 14, 1997


Tantalizing trinkets of affection tempt my thoughts
     Penetrating and inserting little monsters of hope
Tear it away, shield no more
     My desire overwhelms and suffocates

Elm trees by day
     Rugged oaks by night
Spring enhancing foolish delight
     In the release of winter's maddening embrace

Stop to stare at intense eyes
     Do you wonder where the safety ends?
Dropping my cloak on a shore at midnight
     I stand nude amongst the swirling mysteries of the sea and its dance with the wind

Only then do I drop all pretense
     and stare ...
When I am oblivious to fear and pain is unfathomable
     can I stare back ...

Stare at me and see a mirror image of yourself
     Reflections of raging passions and darkened dreams
Tainted with mountainous expectations
     And colored with the pure blue-grey of stone walls

Kissed by the wind, with lavender in my hair
     Lying on soft moss that caresses my back
Only then ...
    Can I Dream, and Surrender, and Stare Back at Truth. 


Thursday, May 1, 1997

Hidden Insanity

Where have my moments gone? 
     Precious and idealistic
         Surviving on silken threads of "impossible dreams"
               Forming a silvery web that glistens as the moonlight shines on my face.

Intertwining with Destiny, my Dreams lead me onward to an Abyss.
     Self-realization engulfs my Innocent eyes and porcelain doll stares Emerge
          My Soul hides within and Waits for the moment of Truth.

From your mouths Emanate
     The Fears of Childhood,
     The Cries of Nations, &
      The Upheaval of Conformity

Terrorized by the Noises, my mind searches for Escape in the Realities of Others.
     Others who can never Comprehend my Reality
          Others who can never See the Perspective of the Stars
               Or the Whisperings of all of Nature ...
     OTHERS that will never Feel the Passions deep-seated in my Realm of Emotion.

My Wishes are only Mine
     My Visions you'll never See
My Passions take Patience to Unfold
     But my Time is always Free
And my Love? 
     Unconditional and Forever, in this World it has to Hide.