Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sleeping ...
            Awake ...
                        In opposing states.

... sleeping ... Sleeping ... SLEEPING ...
            Day begins ...
                        But sleeping, yet to end,
                                    Makes mice of mighty men.

STILL sleeping ... slEEPing, SLeeping, SLEEPING!
            My fickle friends - night and day ...
                        Keeping company where the Sun holds no sway,
                                    Dreaming the day completely away,
                                                The goals we had for the day, betrayed ...

FOR SLEEP.  Sleep deeply, sleep quietly, yet sleep quickly, for sleep is tricky.
            It enraptures and keeps you still sleeping,
                        even when Dawn is breaking and picky
                                    about which souls she makes delighted or weeping ...
                                                The dreams racing in night made too quickly
                                                            to be sustained after waking, so sleeping ...

Sleeping you will remain.
Sleeping exposes my pain.
Sleep, causing fantasies yet unmet,
Sleep - producing nightmares and regret,
            As sleeping babes, each man
            sleeps his life into oblivion.
                        Awake witches sleep little still,
                        As their sleeping yields little that is real.
So of SLEEPING, as I have ALWAYS said ...
I will SLEEP when I'm DEAD.


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