Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beyond Limits

As for me, I cannot do much …
                I used to feel like No One, then I realized that
                                I am not just Some One …
                                                I am Every One.
I am the Consciousness that will not consolidate on its own;
                I am the sea that cannot be formed because all the rivers
                                And Resist,
                                And Meander …
I am the Voice of the Abused Child,
                The Cry of Women who endure;
                The Mother who Plays Father, and
The One Who Envisions how much better it could be.
And all I can do is write:
                It is the least expensive,
                Most passionate thing of
                Which I am capable.
And, through all our recent hardships, I have realized
                That I am more than capable of this,
So, all I ask is that YOU LISTEN.
                Listen, and then see what you can do, what WE can do, as a People, to fix our World. 

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