Tuesday, April 23, 2013

North Carolina's Generations

                                                                                                9:40 AM

What does this say about our nation, our state?

North Carolina

When I was a little girl

- I remember the smell of a spring morning – rich with the scent of freshly turned earth.
- I remember walking barefoot through dew-covered moss & feeling the warm sun on my cheek (even as a brisk wind tried to chill my soft skin).

So maybe, in 5 years or so, another generation is so visibly altered from my own & created too quickly.

            Shouldn’t there be 10-15 years between generations (didn’t it used to be 20)?

            Shouldn’t there be some sort of collective consciousness that we can all claim a piece of?

... my grammatical sense fades as I become more enraged …

            How is it that a person 3-4 years my junior has never picked an apple from an apple tree?
-          Are they not from my state, the figment of an old man’s presumption?
-          Or – do things really change that rapidly?

God help us / Goddess save us from this constant state of flux & departure from beauty & innocence.

            Give us strength to remember …


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  1. I have been picking apples from apple trees since I was 5 years old! I think I'm at least a decade your junior so don't despair!


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